Search For New York Prison Escapees Costing $1 Million A Day


The search for two killers who escaped from a New York state prison is costing $1 million a day, according to Clinton County, N.Y., District Attorney Andrew Wylie, NPR reports. The manhunt is in its eleventh day today. Wylie says the inmates may have used power tools left behind by maintenance contractors. Officials say that it likely took weeks for the escape plan to come together, as the inmates worked their way through tunnels and utility corridors to cut through walls and a steam pipe.

Joyce Mitchell, the employee who was arrested Friday on charges that she helped Richard Matt and David Sweat carry out their elaborate escape plan, appeared in court yesterday, wearing a striped prison jumpsuit and a bulletproof vest. Her court appearance included the replacement of her attorney, who had cited a conflict of interest in the case. There was growing scrutiny over how the maximum-security prison, known as “Little Siberia,” is run. Gannett reported that the prison had a 45 percent increase in serious incidents between 2012 and 2013.

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