London’s Raw TV Starts Series Based On Indiana’s Women Inmates


A new cable television series starting tonight profiles six female Indiana inmates, reports the Indianapolis Star. “Women in Prison,” which debuts at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery, takes viewers into the women’s lives. The first episode follows a soccer mom and a preacher’s daughter who are now serving long sentences. Cameras follow the women in their cells, at their prison jobs and during family visits. The inmates live a stark, colorless existence where all the women wear gray or khaki uniforms and something as innocuous as a handshake can land an offender in solitary.

Every move is closely watched. Cameras follow the one-time soccer mom on a visit with her husband and son. Before she is allowed to sit with them, a correctional officer takes her into a room to be strip searched. Alexandra Lacey, a producer for London-based Raw TV, said the show was inspired by the popularity of the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” the fictional tale of prison life based on the memoir of Piper Kerman. “This is a show to enlighten people and help prevent people from making the same mistakes they’ve made,” Lacey said. “We want them to understand they’re women in prison who are just like you and me. Who are just like the viewers.” The stories are presented from the inmate’s perspective through dramatic reenactments of their crimes, which range from fraud to murder. There are no interviews with prosecutors, police or victims.”

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