Violence In Public Schools Drops As Security Measures Spread


The rate of violent incidents in U.S. public schools fell between the 2009-2010 and 2013-2014 school years, a period in which surveillance cameras and other security measures became more widespread, say new federal data reported by the Washington Post. The reported reduction came as high-profile crimes, including the 2012 shooting of 26 children and teachers in Newtown, Ct., have pushed school safety concerns into the nation's consciousness.

Sixty-five percent of U.S. public schools reported at least one violent incident in 2013-2014, said the National Center for Education Statistics. That's down from 74 percent in 2009-2010. The rate of violent incidents fell from 25 for every 1,000 students to 15 per 1,000 students. The proportion of schools reporting serious violent incidents, which includes rape or attempted rape, fighting with a weapon, and robbery with or without a weapon, fell from 16 percent to 13 percent during the same time period. The proportion of schools using surveillance cameras increased from 61 to 75 percent in the years studied, while the proportion using an electronic system to notify parents of school emergencies rose from 63 to 82 percent.

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