Justices Give Felon Some Say In What Happens To His Guns


A unanimous Supreme Court has sided with a Florida ex-convict who wants a say in what happens to his seized firearms, McClatchy Newspapers reports. In a high-level but small-bore clash over gun control, the court gave former Jacksonville, Fl., Border Patrol agent Tony Henderson another shot at determining who gets his weapons seized more than eight years ago after his arrest. Henderson pleaded guilty to distributing marijuana and served a six-month prison. Once free, he sought return of his collection, which included included three old M1 Garand rifles, a group of .22-caliber rifles and pistols, two shotguns, a carbine and several revolvers. Federal law prohibits felons from possessing firearms.

Henderson has proposed that the weapons be returned to another individual, such as his mother, his next-door neighbor or his wife. The court said yesterday such a transfer could be allowed, rejecting Obama administration arguments to the contrary. “We hold that (federal law) does not bar such a transfer unless it would allow the felon to later control the guns, so that he could either use them or direct their use,” said Justice Elena Kagan.

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