Media Seek Unsealing Of Documents In Petraeus Sentencing


A media group seeking to know more about the sentencing of former CIA Director David Petraeus has expanded the list of case documents it wants unsealed, the Charlotte Observer reports. The group asked U.S. Magistrate Judge David Keesler to release his written reasons behind the punishment handed down against Petraeus last month. Keesler sentenced Petraeus to two years' probation and a $100,000 fine after he pleaded guilty to sharing military and diplomatic secrets with his biographer and former lover, Paula Broadwell. The crime carried a maximum sentence of up to one year in prison.

The media group also asked Keesler to allow the public to see the sentencing memorandum filed by the Petraeus' defense team along with several dozen letters written in the defendant's behalf. Observer attorney Jon Buchan, who filed the new request on behalf of the media coalition, argues that the public has a clear First Amendment right to the document “given the vital role … public oversight plays in ensuring the proper functioning of the courts.”

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