Tulsa Sheriff Glanz Won’t Seek Re-Election; Stays On During Shooting Probes

Embattled Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz remains steadfast in not resigning in the aftermath of the fatal shooting of an unarmed man by a reserve deputy, but he told the Tulsa World he doesn't intend to seek re-election next year. Glanz said he shoulders a portion of the blame himself and acknowledged that he might have placed too much trust in top-level supervisors under him. Glanz doesn’t believe he can leave office until resolution comes to the fallout of Reserve Deputy Robert Bates' mistakenly shooting Eric Harris rather than stunning him with a Taser a month ago.

Glanz highlighted new steps to ensure that supervisors report directly to him instead of filtering information through the undersheriff. “Maybe I became a little lax in trusting people to make sure I'm fully informed,” Glanz said. “I made some decisions based on my relationship with the undersheriff and asked him to resign last week, and he did that,” Glanz said. “We're going to go forward.”

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