In Housing Crisis, TX Makes “Home Plans” For Dangerous Sex Offenders


Faced with a housing shortage and no prospect of a solution, Texas officials are putting together “home plans” for most of the state’s 185 sex offenders deemed too dangerous to live unsupervised, says the Houston Chronicle. A two-time child molester freed from prison last week was placed temporarily in a full Houston halfway house after nearly 100 nursing homes refused to take the man, confined to a wheelchair and developmentally disabled. He was not sent home because several immediate family members also are sex offenders. “We have no places to put the ones that are coming out of prison, and we have no place for the 185 who are in halfway houses and have to be out in August,” said Marsha McLane of the office that oversees civil commitment for repeat sex predators. “I would say we have a crisis on our hands.”

Should the agency implement the “home plans,” the men would be sent back to live in their communities under supervision, required to wear ankle monitors to track their movements 24 hours a day. Caseworkers would check on them each day. Texas is one of several states with a civil commitment program in limbo. Minnesota lawmakers are scurrying to make reforms to that state’s civil commitment program under the threat of a court ruling that legal experts say could place it under federal control or shutter it altogether.

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