Tulsa Undersheriff Out In Reserve Deputy Furor After Fatal Shooting


Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz announced Monday the resignation of Undersheriff Tim Albin after allegations that Albin intimidated employees to elevate reserve deputy Robert Bates, who is accused of a mistaken fatal shooting, the Tulsa World reports. “Given the gravity of the current situation … he agreed that maybe it's time for a change,” Glanz said. “I will continue to examine my organization, and there will be more changes in the coming days as I work to restore the integrity to the Sheriff's Office which the public has come to expect,” Glanz said. Albin told a television station he may have lost some of his effectiveness in a leadership role, but denied being a scapegoat for the sheriff's office or Glanz.

Several organizations called for more resignations, including that of Glanz. A Sheriff's Office memo obtained by the World details the findings of a 2009 “special investigation” requested by then-Undersheriff Brian Edwards into claims of falsified documents and improper training for Bates. It concludes with allegations that Bates received special treatment and that current top-ranking deputies violated policy in a number of ways to elevate Bates in the reserve deputy program.

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