Ohio Community-Police Relations Panel Hopes To Propose National Model


An Ohio task force agreed on a game plan that it thinks holds hope of dissolving distrust between police and the communities they serve. The Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations agreed yesterday on broad recommendations to improve the caliber of police officers and strengthen public trust, particularly in wary black neighborhoods, reports the Columbus Dispatch. Recommendations from a diverse 22-member group of police officers, clergy members, lawmakers and community leaders centered on improved police hiring and training, accountability, oversight, higher standards, community involvement, building trust and reviewing how grand juries handle fatal shootings involving officers.

“We have the opportunity to be the model for the rest of the U.S.,” said Ohio Department of Public Safety Director John Born, who co-chaired the panel with former state Sen. Nina Turner. High-profile ideas endorsed by several members of the task force, formed by Gov. John Kasich in collaboration with black state legislators, include independent investigations of fatal shootings by police, diversity training for officers and requiring all police agencies to have policies on the use of deadly force.

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