Paper Publishes List Of 192 Dallas Cops With Past Infractions


The Dallas County District Attorney's office under former District Attorney Craig Watkins maintained a list of 192 officers whose backgrounds included facts that must be presented to defense attorneys should those officers testify. Watkins gave the list to the Austin American-Statesman before leaving office and the newspaper published the list yesterday, says the Dallas Morning News. The current Susan Hawk, who took office in January, said she was reviewing the list to determine its accuracy, as well as going over office policy on releasing the list.

The information is expected to be made available under the 1963 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the case of Brady vs. Maryland. Officers could find themselves on the list for transgressions such as making false statements, authorizing an illegal search warrant, a pending indictment, drug abuse and assault. The officers in some cases could be prevented by the DA's office from testifying. In other instances, the information could be mentioned if the did testify. Watkins' office called the list the “Brady Worksheet.”

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