Tulsa Victim’s Family Asks Sheriff To Address “Callous Statements”


A Tulsa sheriff’s deputy who made a callous comment to a man who had just been shot did not hear the gunshot and didn't know the man had been wounded, officials told the Tulsa World. A second-degree manslaughter charge was filed yesterday against Robert Bates, a reserve deputy who said he mistook his gun for a Taser when he shot Eric Harris, who was on the ground and unarmed. In the video, Harris can be heard saying, “I'm losing my breath,” to which Deputy Joseph Byars replies, “F- — your breath.”

Deputy Michael Huckeby is shown in the video kneeling on Harris' head as a deputy yells at Harris, “You shouldn't have ran,” and “Shut the f- — up.” Bates can be heard on the video saying he had shot Harris, stating: “Oh, I shot him. I'm sorry.” The video shows someone, apparently Bates, bending down to pick up his revolver, which had fallen to the ground. Harris' family called on Sheriff Stanley Glanz to address the deputies' words and actions. “Sheriff Glanz has not addressed the callous statements made by a deputy to Eric after he had been shot. … We have not heard Sheriff Glanz address the deputy who forcefully grinded Eric's head into the concrete with his knee while Eric was in need of medical attention,” the family's statement says.

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