Jodi Arias Gets Life In Prison After Two Juries Reject Death Sentence


Jodi Arias surprised the court yesterday at her sentencing hearing when she admitted for the first time that she “remembered the night I put the knife in Travis’ throat,.” the Arizona Republic reports. During her first trial, she insisted that she was in a fog and didn’t remember anything after she shot Travis Alexander, who she claimed was charging at her in a rage. She slit his throat, she said yesterday, because he was still attacking her. It was no surprise that Judge Sherry Stephens sentenced Arias to natural life in prison, meaning she will have no possibility of release.

The murder was savage, and Stephens said she believed Arias had planned it out. It was cruel, the judge said, and a jury had found it so. She said, it had caused financial and emotional hardship for Alexander’s family. So ended 2 1/2 years of speculation, anger, titillation, harassment, spectacle and social-media hysteria since the first of Arias’ trials began in January 2013. The prosecution wanted death. Two consecutive juries were unable to reach a unanimous death verdict; in the second trial, it came down to a single vote for life. Stephens could have sentenced Arias to life in prison with possibility of release after 25 years. Instead, she imposed the harsher of the two options available to her.

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