Tulsa Reserve Deputy Inadvertently Shot , Killed Man In Gun Deal


A felon inadvertently shot and killed by a Tulsa reserve deputy was “uncooperative and combative” as firefighters attempted to render aid to him before he went into cardiac arrest, according to a Tulsa Fire Department report. Tulsa attorney Dan Smolen disagrees with that characterization and also says the report calls into question statements made by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office about Eric Courtney Harris, reports the Tulsa World. The Sheriff's Office submitted to prosecutors Friday the case of Reserve Deputy Robert Charles “Bob” Bates fatally shooting Harris during an undercover gun deal April 2 in a store parking lot.

Tulsa Police Sgt. Jim Clark said he investigated the matter at the request of the Sheriff's Office. Clark determined Bates, 73, committed no crime when he fired his .38-caliber pistol once instead of the Taser he meant to deploy, even referring to him as a “victim.” There also were no policy violations, Clark said. Smolen, who is representing Harris' family, called a news conference on the case Friday “premature and ill-advised.” The Sheriff’s Office released a video of the incident on Friday.

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