MO Police Fight “Coffin” Trend; Mayor: It’s Hard To “Outlaw Stupidity”


Kansas City police hope to lay to rest a trend, supercharged by social media and memorialized in online videos, known as “put 'em in a coffin.” The Kansas City Star says two juveniles were arrested late Saturday after they allegedly damaged three vehicles by leaping back-first onto car hoods, vaguely mimicking someone laying in a coffin. “They can call it whatever they want, but I call it property damage,” said police spokesman Capt. Tye Grant. “It is immature behavior and it is a crime.” A two-minute video of the stunt was uploaded to YouTube.

Similar incidents have gone viral, with people dropping their full body weights on store displays, landscaping and other objects, including unsuspecting individuals. Damage left behind ranges from dented car hoods to smashed windshields. In Newnan, Ga., southwest of Atlanta, a juvenile was injured when he leaped backward onto a moving vehicle. Mayor Sly James said he was frustrated about the latest incidents. He was at a loss when asked what more the city can do. “Outlaw stupidity?” he suggested. “I don't know what we can do about it.”

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