NYC Homicides Up Nearly 16% Over Last Year; Shootings Rise 4%


Homicides in New York City have increased by nearly 16 percent this year, reports the New York Daily News. As of Sunday, 82 people have been murdered, up 11 from the same period a year ago. Shootings have climbed 4 percent with 258 people being wounded by gunfire so far this year compared with 248 in the first three months of 2014. The jump in killings came despite a 12-day span over the first two weeks of February when no murders were recorded.

Last year the city recorded 333 murders. A police spokesman said most of the killings were “gang related or drug involved.” There have also been more domestic-related killings in 2015 than in recent years. Some officers believe the jump in killings can be linked to the NYPD's new restrictions on stop-and-frisk. “It's because they changed the stop-and-frisk criteria,” said one high-ranking police source. “Before I would have said, 'This guy right here by the way he's adjusting his pants and moving around I would stop him.' Now that's not enough to stop a person so these guys get away with a gun.”

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