Sharper’s Global Settlement On Rape Charges Gives Him 9 Years In Prison


Former National Football League star Darren Sharper faces a nine-year stretch behind bars after taking a stunning dark turn as a serial rapist, reports USA Today. Sharper, 39, resolved all nine rape charges against him in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Tempe, Az., yesterday. As part of a global settlement negotiated by his attorneys, his sentence includes credit for time served in Los Angeles, where he has been jailed without bail since Feb. 27, 2014.

The deal includes a 20-year prison term in California, but because of stipulations in the law and his credit for time served, Sharper will serve “a little less than nine years of actual custody time,” said his attorney, Blair Berk. Sharper also will be on probation for life. At the time of his first arrest, he had 20 zolpidem pills, a sleep drug known by its brand name Ambien. Sharper obtained a prescription after suffering sleep problems he attributed to his 14-year career in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. The drug can be slipped into drinks to knock out women and rape them, and that’s what authorities say Sharper did time after time.

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