“Made-For-TV” Durst Case Will Make Prosecution More Difficult: Geragos


Robert Durst’s attorney, Dick DeGuerin, criticizes law enforcement authorities for arresting his client based on HBO’s documentary on which Durst appears to confess to murder. Asked about this on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” defense attorney Mark Geragos, a CNN legal analyst said, “I would fault here is [the Los Angeles] police department, if you will, for waiting, if you will, to arrest kind of on the heels of the last episode to boost the ratings. And it looks like exactly what Dick [DeGuerin] said, a made-for-TV spectacular and a made-for-TV prosecution.”Geragos says the way the story unfolded “definitely will make it harder to prosecute the case. I think you are going to have the specter hanging over this prosecution that for some reason it was kind of made for TV, that it was engineered, that this was not something where it was a direct answer to a direct question, but instead tried to take out of context.”

On the same program, director Andrew Jarecki said HBO didn’t discover Durst’s controversial statement about the murder until months after the shooting ended, when “we had an editor listening to material that we had just sort of left behind, thinking, well, now we have got to listen to everything we have got. We’re about to finish the series. And we discover that we have this shocking piece of audio.”

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