Acting PA Police Head Apologizes For Taking Down Signs Criticizing Him


The acting head of the Pennsylvania State Police, caught on video taking down two roadside signs critical of him, apologized after his actions prompted a misdemeanor theft investigation by local authorities, the Associated Press reports. The message on the signs about Col. Marcus Brown — “Marcus Brown didn't earn it!” and “Marcus Brown don't wear it!” — revolve around his decision to wear the Pennsylvania State Police uniform, rather than plainclothes, while on the job. Retired state troopers have criticized Brown for wearing the uniform because he didn't attend the State Police Academy or come up through the department's ranks.

Brown, a 25-year law enforcement veteran who still faces confirmation by the state Senate, said his family's privacy had been invaded after he endured derogatory and public criticism. “It is one thing to attack me, but it finally culminated with an individual finding out where I live, where my children get on the bus, my route of travel, the time I leave my home, putting up signs attacking me, and recording me from afar,” Brown said. “And yesterday after all of this, I made a mistake and an error in judgment.” Brown, 50, became acting police commissioner when Gov. Tom Wolf took office in January. He heads one of the nation's largest police forces, with about 6,000 troopers and civilian employees and a $1 billion annual budget.

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