Violent AZ Ex-Convict Accused Of Killing One, Shooting Five Others


An ex-convict with a history of violence and drug use is accused of gunning down a man in a Mesa, Az., motel yesterday and then going on a shooting spree that left five others, including a culinary student, injured, reports the Arizona Republic. A SWAT team took Ryan Giroux, 41, into custody in a vacant condominium after a massive manhunt that included four other law-enforcement agencies.

Giroux is suspected of having walked into a motel room, where a dispute erupted and bullets began to fly. Afterward, one man lay dead and two women were wounded. “We don’t know exactly what he (Giroux) was doing there, but he was asking for something in particular. We don’t know if it was drugs, money — those things will be worked out through the investigation,” said Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores. Mesa Detective Steve Berry called the incident a homicide that “had nothing to do with gang affiliation or a hate crime.”

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