Madison Police Shooting More Evidence Blue Wall Of Silence Is Gone


A month after Ferguson, Mo., erupted into street riots, police chiefs of several big cities gathered in Chicago. Ferguson was a watershed moment in policing, they agreed. The days of hiding behind a blue wall of silence were gone. The Christian Science Monitor says the news that another fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen, this time in Madison, Wi., has been met with protests and national headlines is evidence they may have been right. Since Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown on Aug. 9, calls for police reform have come from a federal task force on down.

They also have come in protests from Cleveland to Albuquerque and Los Angeles to Madison. Protesters in Madison chanted “Black Lives Matter,” the mantra of Ferguson protesters, and the Madison police chief has had to appeal for calm. Six months after Brown died, the ongoing attention to police shootings – particularly of unarmed suspects – speaks to the imprint Ferguson has left. Police killings hit their highest level in two decades in 2013, said USA Today. Some suggest that there is a double standard to the media coverage, noting that when a black cop fatally shot a 20-year-old unarmed white man in Utah last August, few national news outlets reported it.

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