Federal Judge In Detroit Shot In Robbery Or Home Invasion Attempt


A federal judge was shot outside his Detroit home last night in what police believe was an attempted robbery or home invasion, reports the Detroit News. U.S. District Judge Terrence Berg was shot in the leg. Berg was confronted by two people, a struggle ensued, and one of them fired a shot, striking the judge, police said. A source said the pair told Berg they wanted to go in his house. When he told them they couldn’t, he was shot in the leg. The suspects escaped.

Only a handful of federal judges have been shot in U.S. history, most recently Judge John Roll, who was killed in 2011 near Tucson in the incident in which then-Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ) was shot. Berg was nominated by President Barack Obama to the federal bench in 2012. He is assigned to the federal courthouse in Flint. He has lived in Detroit for years, a rarity among the federal judiciary in the Eastern District of Michigan. “He’s committed to Detroit,” said a friend. While early reports indicated the shooting was random, the perpetrators could face federal charges if Berg was targeted because of his job.

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