Judge’s Son Sues NJ City For Falsely Calling Him A Fugitive In Database


A New Jersey judge's son has sued the city of East Orange for falsely labeled him a fugitive in a statewide criminal database, the New Jersey Law Journal reports. Kyle Hollar-Gregory, son of Superior Court Judge Michelle Hollar-Gregory, says he was falsely arrested and jailed because East Orange failed to remove him from the database. The man says his offer of a federal judicial clerkship was jeopardized by East Orange's error.

Hollar-Gregory sued East Orange for civil rights violations, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. He seeks compensatory and punitive damages. The suit says Hollar-Gregory was charged with simple assault in East Orange in 2012. The suit was moved to another county and dismissed. East Orange “recklessly and negligently created and maintained a duplicate of the complaint in the statewide criminal records database, as if the complaint had not been transferred,” the suit said. East Orange erroneously listed Hollar-Gregory as an “absconder and bail-jumper,” and issued a warrant for his arrest, the suit said. He was later jailed, and his clerkship was delayed pending resolution of the error.

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