Policing Task Force Seeks More Body Cameras, Criminal Justice Panel


A presidential task force on policing has called for more police use of body cameras and other technology, and expanded efforts to connect officers with neighborhoods, among a list of proposals aimed at building trust between law enforcement and communities, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The recommendations will form the heart of the White House's response to police killings of unarmed citizens, including last year's fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

A 76-page draft report released today makes dozens of recommendations aimed at building trust between citizens and police, improving policies and oversight, using technology and social media effectively, improving community policing, training and education for law enforcement and promoting wellness and safety of officers.

The task force asks President Barack Obama to create a National Crime and Justice Task Force that would make recommendations for overhauling the criminal justice system. Obama is scheduled to meet with the task force today and a final report is expected next month.

The Wall Street Journal reports that law enforcement officials who have seen the recommendations said the ideas aren't likely to be controversial, and include some practices that have been discussed by law enforcement for years, such as sensitivity training for officers and striving to hire a diverse workforce. Jim Pasco of the Fraternal Order of Police said the proposals would have the support of law enforcement. The challenge in using the technology will be in the implementation, he said: “Technology is only a tool, not a panacea.”

Read the full draft report is linked HERE and embedded below.

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