Millions See Video Of L.A. Officers Killing Skid Row Man After Gun Struggle


Investigators are looking for more video that could shed light on yesterday’s fatal shooting of a man on skid row by Los Angeles police officers, the Los Angeles Times reports. The shooting was captured on a video shot by a bystander, who posted it on Facebook. It was viewed more than 2 million times in seven hours. The encounter was recorded by body cameras worn by at least one officer. “It’s clear there was a struggle for the officer’s gun,” Los Angeles Police Department Commander Andrew Smith said. No other gun was found at the scene. At one point, a non-lethal Taser had been deployed, but Smith said it was “ineffective.”

Five shots can be heard on the video. Two officers and a sergeant fired their weapons. A witness’ video shows Los Angeles police shooting a man during a confrontation in the skid row area of downtown. The man, whose identity had not been released, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff said he was watching the video repeatedly trying to hear exactly what the officers said to the man. “My heart just started pounding just watching it,” Soboroff said. “I feel the adrenaline. These situations are just so horrific.” He said the police department, the independent inspector general and the district attorney’s office would each investigate the shooting “very, very carefully.”

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