Cleveland Chief’s Late Brother Criticized Law Enforcement On Facebook


Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams stood face-to-face on a cold December evening with protesters assailing police violence against a 12-year-old. When protesters surrounded and temporarily closed a Walmart, he stood and spoke with those protesters. The chief is the public face of Cleveland law enforcement as the nation focuses on the police department’s use of lethal force, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

It was an act of violence that again trained the media’s glare on Calvin Williams this week. violence hit close to home home when his brother was shot dead dead by his estranged girlfriend, who is the mother of two of his three children. William Williams, 34, was found shot in the head about 3 a.m. Tuesday at his home. The woman accused of pulling the trigger, Dana Johnson, 36, drove from the home to Pennsylvania, where state police pulled her over just before she shot herself. She was in critical condition on Tuesday. William Williams’ Facebook profile is peppered with memes and images critical of law enforcement and, in at least one instance, of Cleveland police.

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