How to Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform


A pair of reports by the Sentencing Project highlight significant criminal justice policy changes made during 2014 in 30 states and the District of Columbia, and examines the approaches advocates took to push for those changes.

Reforms highlighted in “The State of Sentencing 2014” include new state polices that scale back sentences for low-level drug offenses, reducing barriers to reentry, and eliminating juvenile life without parole.

In “State Criminal Justice Advocacy in a Conservative Environment,” researchers examine successful advocacy strategies employed in Indiana, Missouri and Texas.

In Indiana, enhanced penalties for drug-free zones where reduced; Missouri modified a lifetime ban on food stamp benefits for those with felony convictions; Texas closed two prison facilities.

Campaign tactics to gain conservative support included media outreach, lobbying and efforts to influence decision makers within government agencies.

Read “The State of Sentencing 2014” HERE.

Read “State Criminal Justice Advocacy in a Conservative Environment,” HERE.

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