FL Video Issue: Are Police Officers Too Quick To Use Tasers?


Florida police are coming under fire after a video emerged showing a police officer tasering an elderly man who appears to be surrendering, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The episode is the latest in a recent spate of Taser uses by the Florida police, that has some criticizing the police for excessive use of stun guns. In the latest example, a cellphone video taken by a vacationing couple in a car nearby in key West, shows an officer trying to open a minivan passenger door unsuccessfully.

When it does open, a man steps out, with his hands in the air. One officer twists his arm, while another officer shouts and quickly tasers the man. Last week, 25-year-old Lavall Hall, a mentally ill man armed with a broomstick, was twice tasered by police in Miami before being shot and killed. Police in Florida have been roundly criticized for excessive use of Tasers. In December, the Miami New Times reported that Miami’s three major police departments have tasered more than 3,000 people in less than eight years. Some 11 men have died after being stunned. It also found that Miami police have tasered kids as young as six, as well as the mentally ill.

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