Cleveland Chief’s Brother Killed; Decisions Awaited After Boy’s Shooting


The brother of Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams died in an overnight shooting, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. William D. Williams, 34, was found dead at his home; no further details were immediately available. Meanwhile, Politico reports that nearly three months after a rookie white police officer, Timothy Loehmann, shot and killed Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old black boy wielding an air gun in a city park, no decision has been made on charges against Loehmann.

Then the U.S. Justice Department delivered a devastating 58-page report, written by U.S. attorney Steven Dettelbach and Justice Department staff, chronicling a pattern of unreasonable and excessive force so extreme and systemic—and unconstitutional—that federal and city officials are now negotiating a consent decree, enforced by court supervision, to ensure reform. Asked when he would like a consent decree to be resolved with city officials, Dettelbach said, “Yesterday.” He quickly added that it was appropriate to wait for community input, but he says, “My constant push is, 'Why isn't it done yet?'”

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