Is Stand Your Ground Responsible For Tulsa Rash Of Self-Defense Killings?


Of Tulsa’s 11 homicide victims so far this year, five have been killed by civilians or security guards in shootings police have deemed self-defense, the Tulsa World reports. Only eight such homicides occurred in all of 2014, and six of those involved police officers. Tulsa police have not been involved in a shooting yet this year.

While many are aware of Oklahoma's “Stand Your Ground” law, not everyone knows its details, Tulsa County prosecutor John David Luton said. Enacted in 2006, the law extends broad protection to Oklahomans who think someone entering their “dwelling” might use physical force against them. The law even specifies that the victim need not be in fear of his or her life. The use of deadly force is protected as long as the victim has “reasonable belief” the intruder might use “any” physical force, “no matter how slight.”

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