Washington State Police Killing Called Hispanics’ Version Of Ferguson Case


The killing by Pasco, Wa., police of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, 35, the third killing by the city’s police since July, has brought international attention, with online commenters criticizing the use of force against a man without a gun or a knife, making comparisons to the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The New York Times says it has drawn condemnation from the president of Mexico and several investigations, including inquiries by a task force of local police agencies, by the county coroner, and the FBI.

In Pasco, a city of 68,000 that is 56 percent Hispanic, the killing, the Times says, “has pierced the immigrant enclave, spurring protests that have attracted hundreds and highlighting a division between the city's increasingly Latino populace and its power structure…which remains largely white.” While many Hispanics have found stable lives in Pasco, the killing drew attention to their lack of clout. As with blacks in Ferguson, it has intensified feelings among Hispanics that they remain second-tier residents. “They had him like a deer, hunting him,” said Maria Paniagua, 41, a resident with six children. “What happens when one of my kids gets in a jam and runs? Will they shoot him down?”

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