AZ Officer Quits After Criticism Over Arresting Prof For Walking In Road


An Arizona State University police officer quit after an independent investigation found fault with his arrest of a professor, the Arizona Republic reports. Officer Stewart Ferrin, 25, had been on leave since July after a video of his arrest of Ersula Ore went viral and drew national attention. “The lack of support, cooperation, and downright bias, coupled with an agenda to ruin my career, has become unbearable and I will not subject my family to this any longer,” he said yesterday.

University Police Chief Michael Thompson said the officer had committed “multiple acts of noncompliance and misconduct.” The chief said the officer’s “rigid, power-based approach to law enforcement and unwillingness to exercise discretion and sound judgment culminated in …arresting Dr. Ore without a lawful basis.” The independent report said Ferrin had no reasonable basis for arresting Ore for obstructing a road when she was walking down the street, and he wrongfully arrested her for refusing to provide ID. Ore is black, but the report found no evidence the officer’s actions were racially motivated, as alleged by civil-rights activists.

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