Yahner Gets Permanent Status as Phoenix Police Chief


Acting Phoenix Police Chief Joseph Yahner, a 30-year veteran who has led the department in times of internal turmoil, will be appointed to the post permanently — at least until he retires in a little less than two years, reports the Arizona Republic. A city official confirmed that City Manager Ed Zuercher will name Yahner chief on Wednesday after a meeting with the department’s top brass. Yahner is expected to remain in the post through his scheduled retirement on Oct. 31, 2016.

Yahner’s appointment follows years of turmoil between management and the police union. He was named acting chief in December after Zuercher fired former Chief Daniel V. Garcia for insubordination. Garcia, whose tenure was marked by clashes with the union and other controversy, was fired after he defied an order from his boss and called a press conference to unload on his critics. Yahner has served on the department’s management staff since 1999. He was promoted to assistant chief in 2007, to executive assistant chief in 2009 and was acting police chief from March 2011 to May 2012, before Garcia’s appointment.

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