Obama Seeks To Revive Program For Training Police In Anti-Terror Work


In his budget proposal sent to Congress this week, President Obama seeks to revive the U.S. Justice Department program to train state and local law enforcement in anti-terrorism practices, called SLATT. Congress killed SLATT with no explanation in its omnibus spending bill for the current year. Insiders said it did not receive as much support as did other programs in the Justice Department budget. The Crime Report wrote about the action last month.

Buried in the budget plan for the DOJ Office of Justice Programs is a request for $2,000,000 “for a program to improve State and local law enforcement intelligence capabilities including antiterrorism training and training to ensure that constitutional rights, civil liberties, civil rights, and privacy interests are protected throughout the intelligence process.” The President has scheduled a conference on the subject for Feb. 18. The session, which had been delayed, was set after the massacre at France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine.

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