The Crime Report Praised As Tops Among Criminal Justice Blogs


Blogger Mark Obbie has praise for The Crime Report, our website that publishes this news digest. Obbie said this week that The Crime Report has responded to new competition “with more original reporting on top of its already excellent aggregation of quality crime and justice-reform news.” Obbie says he relies on The Crime Report and The Marshall Project “to inform my work and tip me to the sorts of crime narratives that I spotlight on this blog and in my own feeds.”

Other blogs mentioned by Obbie on his website include Radley Balko's The Watch, hosted by the Washington Post, sentencing-law expert Doug Berman's Sentencing Law & Policy, and his newer blog on marijuana policy, Pacific Standard magazine, Slate’s Jurisprudence column, Crime and Consequences, Right on Crime’s blog, and James Alan Fox of Northeastern University and USA Today. See the full list on Obbie’s own blog.

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