Police Probes Of Looting After Ferguson Grand Jury Decision May Take Years


It may take years for police to investigate the looting and other damage that took place in November after a grand jury declined to charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Officials said that of an estimated 400 looters seen on surveillance videos and photos, only 10 have been identified, and only one has been arrested and charged. That’s in addition to 26 arrests on the night of the looting. St. Louis County police detective Michael Byrne’s office has been releasing batches of fresh images each week for about a month, and reward money is being offered.

In all, county police are investigating more than 40 lootings spread across several suburbs. “As time goes by, boyfriends and girlfriends break up, and I expect people will start to call us,” Byrne said. “But I'm a little disappointed in the level of feedback we've gotten from the public. So far, most of our leads have come from law enforcement who recognize these people.” Police believe several groups of looters went from business to business. Byrne is trying to obtain DNA from rocks, bricks, tire irons and other tools people used to break into businesses. That would at least help track those with prior felony records, whose DNA profiles should be in the national database. He noted the statute of limitations on these types of crimes is three years, and he believes investigators will be working right up until the deadline to make the last of the arrests.

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