PA AG Refuses To Resign After Charges; Victim Of Angry Men?


Is Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane the victim of angry men who targeted her after she exposed their pornography habits? The New York Times asks that question. Kane, who is accused of several crimes by a grand jury, is accused of violating secrecy rules by leaking information to a newspaper concerning an investigation by her Republican predecessor into the finances of a Philadelphia civil rights leader. She is charged with perjury, false swearing, official oppression and obstruction. Kane said she would not resign, and that the truth about the campaign against her would soon be revealed.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has blocked a prosecutor from filing charges. Kane's attorney, Lanny Davis, said there is no charge of illegally leaking grand jury information, which he said cast doubts on the strength of the case against her. Kane, 48, blames her legal troubles on former prosecutors in the attorney general's office whose work on the Pennsylvania State University child sex abuse case she impugned during her campaign and whose explicit emails she exposed once in office. Former Kane staff members, elected officials and even her supporters say her problems stem largely from her inexperience in management and missteps in judgment.

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