It’s Illegal For Pot To Leave Colorado, But It’s Being Exported Anyway


Top law enforcement officials in Colorado have said their state is becoming a major exporter of marijuana, even though it’s against the law for pot to leave the state, NPR reports. It’s been more than a year since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, and police in rural Nebraska counties that border the state are reporting big increases in illegal marijuana trafficking. Marijuana-related offenses in Sidney, Ne., have increased 50 percent in that time, jumping from 100 to 150 cases. Police in border towns like Sidney say they didn’t vote to legalize the drug, but that their communities are burdened with some of the consequences. Two states, Nebraska and Oklahoma, are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out Colorado’s law.

Much of what you hear about pot in Sidney is anecdotal. The cops say they’re seeing an increase in distribution cases involving high school kids, but the high school principal says school officials haven’t noticed more of the drug around, and the health department said it’s an issue they’re tracking. Spend a couple of days in Sidney, and you won’t find that marijuana is the number-one topic of conversation in town.

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