Seattle Golf-Club Cop May Have Record of Bullying


The Seattle Times reports that a local bus driver says she, too, was bullied by Seattle police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch, who was placed on desk duty last week after she purportedly made racially charged comments on Facebook following her arrest of William Wingate, a 70-year-old black man, for carrying a golf club during his daily walk. A police car-cam video of Whitlatch’s encounter with the dumbfounded Wingate on a Seattle street as she demanded that he put down the golf club has attracted hundreds of thousands of views. Seattle police have apologized to Wingate, who is preparing to sue the city for violation of his civil rights.

Bus driver Kathleen Dunne said she had a run-in with Whitlatch in 2011 after she asked the officer to move her patrol car out of a bus zone. “It was like something snapped,” Dunne said. “She kept peppering me with questions. Every time I asked a question she talked right over me wanting to know why bus drivers run red lights.” Dunne filed a complaint with the Police Department.

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