NM Police Seek Charges Against Parents Shot By Their Three-Year-Old Son


A three-year-old boy shot both of his parents after reaching into his mother's purse for her iPod, but found a loaded handgun instead, say police in Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Journal reports. Police will recommend that the parents be charged with felony criminal negligence. The boy fired one shot, which struck his father in the right buttock. The bullet went out of his hip and then hit the woman, who is eight months pregnant, in the arm.

The family, which also includes a 2-year-old girl, was living in a motel room, where a a 9mm handgun was found Saturday. “The child did the damage, but it was because of the negligence of the adults that the child was able to do this,” said police spokesman Simon Drobik said. “If you are going to be a gun owner, you need to lock it up and keep it safe, especially around children.”

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