Denver Police Kill Teenage Driver; 3rd Case in 7 Months


Denver police shot and killed a teenage girl early Monday who they say drove a stolen car at two officers in a dark alley, hitting one of them in the leg, reports the Denver Post. It was the third time in seven months that Denver police have shot suspects whom they accused of using cars as weapons. The shooting happened about 6:30 a.m. as an officer was investigating reports of a suspicious vehicle. The officer ran the vehicle’s plates, learned it had been reported stolen Sunday night and called for backup.

Five teenagers apparently had been sitting in the car for hours. When two officers approached the car, the female driver drove at them, and both officers fired. The driver, who was not immediately identified, was killed. The injured officer was treated for a leg injury. In the earlier automobile shootings, Denver police killed a man driving a stolen car after he rammed several police vehicles on July 2. On Nov. 20, police shot and injured two brothers who had eluded them during an earlier traffic stop. Officers said they fired after the driver tried to pull toward them as they approached on foot.

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