After Complaints, Dallas Chief Revises Foot-Pursuit Policy


After complaints from officers, Dallas police commanders have revised their foot-chase policy to give officers more freedom to pursue suspects, reports the Dallas Morning News. Chief David Brown implemented a new policy on foot pursuits after a 2012 police shooting that nearly sparked a riot in South Dallas. The new policy required officers to consider multiple factors when deciding when to chase, to restrict situations where an officer chases alone, and to avoid most situations where the officers could be at a disadvantage without backup.

Police unions blasted the policy as too restrictive and confusing. Brown told a City Council committee Monday that officers now won't have to stop chasing suspects they have identified, such as domestic violence suspects, and could probably apprehend later. Some of the tweaks also grant officers more leeway to decide whether to end a chase. Brown said the policy was meant to keep officers safe and that the changes were a compromise.

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