Parents Of CO Theater Victims Ask Media Not To Name Shooter On Trial


The parents of Alex Teves and Jessica Phillips, who were killed in the 2012 theater massacre in Aurora, Co., tell CNN’s “Reliable Sources” about their campaign,, to deprive mass killers of attention by urging the media not to show them on air or online. Tom Teves, Alex’s father, argued that the media should not name the assailant because, “What human being would walk in and take a machine gun and start shooting people in a theater? He shot a 6-year-old girl point-blank. That’s a human being? If that’s a human being, that’s a race I don’t want to belong to.” Caren Teves, Alex’s mother, said, “The quest for notoriety and infamy is a known motivating factor for people that want to commit mass killings or copycats. All we’re asking is, after the initial identification of a mass killer, set up the initial identification and throughout the article or newscast just refer to them as the shooter, the defendant. It’s not that difficult.”

Sandy Phillips, mother of Jessica, said of the shooter, “I actually threw up and had dry heaves every time his picture came on. And it still does that to me. So, we’re already victims. And we get re-victimized over and over and over again by seeing that picture, hearing his name, having to deal with all the things that we have to deal with just to survive getting out of bed.” Caren Teves added, “We’re asking for the media not to turn our children’s deaths into a form of entertainment. Stick to the facts. Don’t lend notoriety to these killers. This is not for your entertainment. These are our lives. These are our children’s lives that once were, and that’s also what we’re asking.” CNN didn’t name the shooter, whose trial is under way in Colorado.

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