Rev. Couper, Ex-Chief: “Our Nation’s Police Must Collectively Apologize”


“In order to restore trust between police and the communities they serve, our nation's police must collectively apologize,” says the Rev. David Couper of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in North Lake, Wi., himself a former police chief. “It is what we need today to begin to heal the relationships between blacks and police. It is the only way to move past events of Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland and the residual effects we all have inherited from slavery, Jim Crow, and pernicious and residual racial discrimination.” The New York Times says Couper has battled rank-and-file officers to instill a less adversarial and confrontational form of policing.

His book on the subject, “Arrested Development,” was self-published by default. “What David is trying to say is this,” said Mike Masterson, a protégé of Couper and the police chief of Boise, Idaho. “If I were running a large corporation and part of the society is having a huge problem with one of our products and that backlash can hurt my company, then I'd do everything in my power to make amends for that.” Couper, 77, was police chief of Madison, Wi., from 1972 to 1993.

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