What’s Your Police Department’s Return on Investment?


Cities shoulder most of the costs associated with keeping the national crime rate low, according to a new study by the financial website WalletHub.

The site assessed the return on investment (ROI) of taxpayer dollars spent on police protection in the 110 most populated U.S. cities, based on crime rates and per-capita expenditures on police. It also factored in U.S. Census Bureau data related to poverty and unemployment rates, and median household income.

Flint, Mich., which the site lists as having the fourth highest crime rate in the nation, is number one in adjusted ROI, according to the study. Spending per capita on policing in Flint is $269, according to WalletHub.

At the bottom of the list is Washington, D.C., where spending per capita on policing is $978.

“It is important to underline the fact that efficiency is different from overall safety,” the site noted.

See the results HERE.

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