Cleveland Chief Working to Get Rid of ‘Bad Cops’


Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams tells “60 Minutes” in a segment to air Sunday that there are “bad cops” in the city and that it’s his job to get rid of them, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The “60 Minutes” segment airs in the wake of the U.S. Justice Department’s investigation of the Cleveland police. It is Williams’ first national interview since a rookie police officer fatally shot Tamir Rice, 12, in November.

“Of course there are [bad guys among Cleveland police], and it’s my job to make sure we weed out the bad people from this division and that we nurture and grow and support the good officers that are out there,” Williams says. The chief tells the CBS program that he disagrees with parts of the Justice Department’s report and defends his troubled force, saying the majority of officers are good.

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