Critics Say Ineligible Vermonters Can Buy Guns On Internet


The Internet has changed shopping by making goods and services far more accessible to far more people. That usually is acceptable, except when it comes to gun control, says the Los Angeles Times. The gun-control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety says the online market in Vermont has many buyers who would be barred from purchasing weapons at licensed gun dealers. People who would be prohibited from buying guns, such as criminals or those involved in domestic abuse, can buy weapons online without raising red flags in background checks.

The group issued a report pegged to a current fight in Vermont over closing loopholes such as online sales. It is also part of its efforts to fight at the state level for issues that often are lost on the federal level, said Everytown’s Jack Warner. “We’ve seen some real progress on the state level,” Warner said, citing a referendum closing some loopholes that passed last year with 60 percent of the vote in Washington state. In a report, “Hiding in Plain Sight,” Everytown monitored guns for sale on three websites and in a sting-like move posted 24 guns for sale on a popular arms website. Some 169 potential buyers responded. Investigators checked backgrounds and found that seven of the 169 were barred from possessing firearms.

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