“Inspire”–Ohio Finds A Terrorist Recruiter In Every U.S. Living Room


The magazine’s name – “Inspire” – suggests the content could be about improving your health, or maybe gardening. It’s not, says the Cincinnati Enquirer. Page 62 features an article titled “Car Bombs Inside America,” with a how-to guide for building bombs in your kitchen. Page 15 promotes the setting of forest fires in the U.S. as part of an “arson jihad.” Page 33 boasts a first-person account of “Why I Joined al-Qaida.” In the world of the modern-day jihadi recruiter, an Islamic radical makes a pitch to potential converts with the fervor of a religious zealot and the skill of a Madison Avenue ad executive. The FBI says those recruiters found a willing subject in Ohio last year, when Christopher Cornell, 20, took a deep dive into the Internet’s pool of pro-jihadi videos and propaganda.

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