Lack Of Funds Forces Closure Of PA Gun Crisis Reporting Project


Jim MacMillan founded the Gun Crisis Reporting Project to cover underreported gun violence in Philadelphia and to report on possible solutions to reduce it. In November, reports NiemanLab, he said that after two-and-a-half-years of operation the site would cease publishing on a daily basis. MacMillan plans to continue a monthly newsletter tabulating gun violence in the city, but that's yet to materialize.

The site featured a mix of reporting styles. It would track gun violence statistics, but beyond the numbers of how many people had been shot, the project also covered events like community vigils in memory of people who were killed. The site examined the societal causes of violence while also detailing the efforts community groups, the police department, and other city leaders were making to curb gun violence in Philadelphia. MacMillan said it had become “impossible” to find funding for the project, which he had bootstrapped from its start. MacMillan had hoped to raise $500,000 to support the project for two years. The site asked for contributions from readers, but that raised less than $10,000 in mostly small donations.

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