Did Wanted Paris Terrorist Deliberately Leave National Identity Card?


Investigators chasing the two brothers who allegedly attacked satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris, killing 12, found an improbable clue in their abandoned getaway car: a national identity card, reports the Wall Street Journal. The document carried the name of Said Kouachi, 34. a man with no police record. His brother, Chérif Kouachi, 32, was sentenced to an 18-month prison term in 2008 for being part of a terror group. A manhunt is under way for the two. A third suspect turned himself in, and police are questioning seven other people.

Police officials were puzzled about whether the ID card was dropped by accident or had been left voluntarily, in a move to claim responsibility for the attack. “You cannot rule out the possibility they left the ID intentionally,” said a police officer. The suspects acted with a mix of military-like professionalism and surprising clumsiness in yesterday’s attack. The gunmen first stepped into the wrong building. They later displayed a high level of training, wielding AK-47 rifles with ease, and acting with determination, suggesting the action had been prepared in advance. The gunmen's attack decimated Charlie Hebdo's newsroom, which had taken pride in defying the outrage and death threats stirred by its caricatures lampooning Islam.

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