Possible Police Ambush In L.A.; Autopsy Issued In Shooting Of Black Man


The autopsy of Ezell Ford, a mentally ill black man killed by police in South Los Angeles in August, shows he was shot three times, says the Los Angeles Times. Yesterday’s release of the autopsy marks the first time authorities have provided details about Ford’s wounds since his Aug. 11 death. A gunshot wound on his back showed the surrounding skin had a “muzzle imprint,” according to the autopsy, suggesting the shot was made at very close range. The autopsy said back and side gunshot wounds were fatal.

The autopsy does not make any judgment about the conduct of the officers in the shooting or provide a detailed narrative of what occurred. The report prompted small protests at several locations around Los Angeles. Currently, Los Angeles police are investigating whether gunfire on Sunday night was aimed at two officers responding to a call. The officers were in a black-and-white patrol car when they said they saw a muzzle flash — the visible blast from a gun — and determined they were being fired at, said Lt. Andy Neiman. He cited the ambush killing of two New York police officers two weeks ago, saying “everyone’s keenly aware of what happened in New York,” and there is a “sense of uneasiness.”

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